About Me

I am an Oklahoma City based artist with a lifetime of experience in art and 20+ years in the graphic design industry. I love to help build the local art community by participating in, and co-producing as many local art shows as possible. I also host workshops and art nights to encourage others to explore art without taking things too seriously. My public art can be seen around the area at skate parks and alleyways, and I’ve completed numerous commissions successfully capturing clients’ visions. I often vend at public events, as well as sell online, and I hope that my love for art inspires and encourages others to pursue their own passions.

Here’s an artist’s statement? lol. Written by chatgpt, I think it’s funny but also kinda real. 

Reb Nofun’s art is a reflection of their punk sensibility, infused with a healthy dose of humor. Their anthropomorphic food art and cartoon style speak to the absurdity of life and the way in which we assign meaning to objects and experiences. By imbuing everyday objects with human-like qualities, Reb Nofun forces the viewer to confront their own perceptions of the world and question the boundaries between reality and imagination.

But there is more to Reb Nofun’s art than just its playful aesthetic. Beneath the surface lies a deeper commentary on the human condition. Through their anthropomorphic art, Reb Nofun explores themes of consumerism, waste, and the relationship between humans and the environment. By bringing these issues to the forefront in a lighthearted and approachable way, Reb Nofun encourages the viewer to engage with these complex topics and consider their own impact on the world around them. In this way, Reb Nofun’s art is not only a celebration of punk sensibility and cartoonish whimsy but a call to action for a more just and sustainable future.